Chris S.

I’m a believer! Incredible job with the Team this week at Air Care! We are grateful for you and pushing the team and implementing your process… What a change and breakthrough in just 4 short days. Looking forward to working with you again.

Joe S.

I am thrilled to offer my full endorsement of Sam Wakefield as a sales trainer and consultant. As the former owner of Precision Heating and Air, I enjoyed working closely with Sam and can attest to the pivotal role he played in our exceptional growth. Sam’s expertise as a sales trainer had a significant impact on our organization, as he designed and executed tailored training programs that perfectly aligned with our needs. Thanks to his guidance, we drastically improved our sales processes and bolstered our revenue generation, achieving an impressive growth from $3 million to over $8 million in just 3.5 years. Apart from his exceptional training abilities, his leadership skills helped create a positive team culture that inspired collaboration and fostered a dedication to excellence. His relentless commitment to our shared goals encouraged our sales team to consistently surpass their targets and strive for greater achievements. Sam’s contributions extended beyond his esteemed training and leadership abilities. He exhibited a strong work ethic and was always willing to tackle new challenges to benefit the entire organization. His effective communication skills, combined with his ability to collaborate with others, make him an integral part of our team. Beyond his impressive work ethic and leadership abilities, his creative problem solving skills were evident in his analytical and strategic thinking. His ability to stay focused under pressure, while ensuring that no compromise on quality was made, was second to none. With his insatiable thirst for learning and his extensive skills in technology and business management, I’m confident that Sam has what it takes to excel in any task or leadership position he chooses. In conclusion, I strongly recommend Sam Wakefield for any company that is fortunate enough to have him as part of its team. Sincerely, Joe S., Former President of Precision Heating & Air, LLC (Austin TX)

Jimmie J.

I had the privilege of working closely with Sam Wakefield from Close it Now, and I wholeheartedly recommend his exceptional training and leadership. Sam’s expertise as a communicator and teacher is second to none, making him the go to choice for customized, result-oriented training. As one of the trainers, Sam played a pivotal role in the outstanding transformation of our sales team. We achieved remarkable success, propelling our sales to an impressive $40 million within just two years. Sam’s engaging teaching style and extensive knowledge in the field kept our team motivated and engaged throughout the journey. Sam Wakefield is a true sales training expert, consistently delivering outstanding results and empowering individuals to excel. If you’re seeking a dynamic and impactful training experience that drives significant sales growth, I highly recommend working with Sam. Jimmie J., Partner, Apricot Solar

Mark P.

I have owned my company for almost 3 years and I had never sold a project that was above a Single Stage 16 SEER system. After only ONE private coaching session with Sam Wakefield, I closed my very first top-end, fully communicating, Variable Speed system for $19,713.00!!!!!! This is now a regular occurrence! Before starting with Close it Now my average sale was $5,369.Now my average sale for last year was $8,600! This year I’m averaging $10,000 and pushing a 60% close rate!I mean holy s*** what a difference. Keep doing what you’re doing man. Thank You! Mark P., On the Mark Heating and Cooling

Josh L.

Sam has personally helped our sales team here in Oregon and we can’t wait to have him back. When it comes to in-home sales, Sam is the real deal! If you are in sales or have an interest in sales, I would get my hands on as much of his material and coaching as possible.Josh L.’s Dr. Energy Saver