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Peak Performance
On-Site Training Program

Do you know that you are capable of more, but can’t seem to quite achieve it? Are you tired of hearing ‘I want to think about it?’

Have you ever wanted to be able to close everyone that is closeable at double the ticket price?

This program is for you! This is a highly intensive one-on-one masterclass program that will deep dive into all of the skills, techniques, and mindsets necessary to Close It Now in today’s environment.

Who you are determines who buys from you. Sales from the inside out is a crucial concept to understand and the belief that comes from the confidence of being prepared will transform every interaction you have with not only your clients but everyone in your life. This program is all about becoming a person worth buying from. It’s not about being someone you are not, it’s about being the very best version of you.

We will teach you a proven step-by-step sales process from start to finish including exactly what to say and how to say it. How to dramatically increase your income by working less and selling more. How to recognize buying signals to uncover what the client really wants to buy. You will get custom designed verbiage and coaching to develop a system that works for you and perfectly fits your style, personality, and product offerings.

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HVAC U Training

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Over the last ten years, I committed to learning the best practices in the world of sales. I devoured anything that would teach me what a professional salesperson needs to thrive in today’s world. I read every business and sales biography, autobiography, and book I could get my hands on, listened to podcasts watched hours of technical YouTube training videos, attended sales conferences and trainings led by the leading business trainers of our times, and invested massive time and money to learn how to sell at the top level of the HVAC industry. Now I want to condense the best practices I learned and offer it to you in my Close It Now Group Coaching Series.

Each week I will share YEARS worth of research and experience, so you can immediately begin to implement the strategies that the most successful top performers and closers are already using to obtain twice the average close rate and sell over double the average ticket price.

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