Mindset Strategies To Next Level Your Sales This Year

Mindset Strategies To Next Level Your Sales This Year

Rediscover the magic of talking to people in person with using a little bit of humor. Gain your customers’ trust faster and build a stronger bond. You will get more Yesses and fewer people backing out of the deal last minute.

In this episode of Close It Now, Sam interviews Umar Hameed, host of the No Limits Selling podcast, a world-renowned keynote speaker, and an NLP coach and trainer where they talk about how we can serve customers in a way that they get what they want, they get their problems fixed and we get to be the heroes that do it.


Sam: Alright well welcome back this Sam wake filled with close it now I know it has been a little bit of a gap of between the last few episodes and this one but if you’re listening now and in the future you won’t even recognize that or realize it but for all of you faithful fans out there everyone who’s been listening since day one basically what happened you know that sometimes things change when you have a service that doesn’t always keep up their end of the bargain so basically the service that was hosting the podcast it turned out to have some glitches and some issues so I had to make a change so that explains why all of you wondering that explains the delay in a kind of podcast gap so to speak that happened but we are back better than ever in fact everybody so the new schedule moving forward is I’m really excited about it it’s going to be Mondays will drop my solo podcasts with just like we’ve always done mostly with my just me on here thanks for listening can we talk about the things that are important to sales before the sales philosophy important to the a track and just you know I’m selling and trades industries and then every Friday moving forward we’re going to drop an interview which is awesome so that is what we’re doing today I’m really excited to bring our guest today real quick before I introduce him make sure to go join our Facebook group it is just search close it now in groups on Facebook it will come right up or HVAC sales were one of the top Facebook groups and fastest growing on on Facebook and so they’re joined Facebook group there’s been some really amazing discussion lately it’s also a place that you can go to yet when you when you hear a podcast and something picture interest something you have more questions about you can go in there and start it’s just a over 1000 like minded sales people just like you comfort consultants comfort visors project managers selling techs that are in there it’s it’s not like the other Facebook groups and this is 100% positive support improve if somebody comes in with attitude or is demeaning like some of the other groups happen we check him at the door so don’t said don’t worry about that it’s a completely neutral space but errantly exist to lift each other up and train each other and so we all have a better experience and we go and crush it you know it’s that’s at the end of the day it’s about making the you know serving others making a sale that we can only serve others by them giving us money and making sale and then you know go home and living a better life because of it how many people can we touch and help today so I am so excited about our guest today this person we just happened I love the beauty of LinkedIn and the beauty of social media because sometimes the people you connect with are completely unexpected but unexpectedly amazing and this is this gentleman is definitely exactly that we got on the phone the other day and had instant connection he he thinks very similar to me but I think they’re going to really appreciate his insight because he comes from a completely different perspective by my yesterday his tagline which I love so much it says become a fear list salesperson and double your sales this year by retraining your brain for success raise your hand if you would like to double yourselves this year by retraining your brain absolutely so quick intro for him he is 18 years ago he went from high tech to brain tech he has been a keynote speaker in 14 countries author of three books with one more that will be coming out to be determined here in soon I know he’s working on it super hard for everybody as soon as you hear him speak you’re going to want to pick it up as soon as it comes out he also hosts the no limits selling a podcast which is his big mile market that just hit over 200,000 downloads which is fantastic add congratulations left to introduce you this is Omar Hamid that he is an NLP coach and just trying out so let’s have a row really fantastic conversation today tomorrow thank you for being my guest and take a couple of minutes and fill us in a little bit about why in the world did you go from high tech to brain tech how did you make that transition and why.

Omar: So hey everyone thank you so much for inviting me saying this would be really cool is clear interesting what you were doing that intro back in 1990 I run a small computer consulting company here in Toronto where I am right now and one day somebody was saying you know do I get better you should go see someone that doesn’t mean it’s like what are they doing this like well they help you get unstuck in I just taken up the game of squash which is super addictive so everyone listening never play squash you become addicted it’ll become a lifelong passion but I sucked at it and but a couple months later I got better and three months later I got better so it was like plateau plateau plateau but in my business was posting on one day it was like wait a minute how come on posting in my business and improving and squash so much my passion for both add drive for both have love for both I work harder to both why is one succeeding and not the other and remember the NLP thing so I want to see this woman called new Elliot I’m not sure what voodoo she did but whatever block was in my business life she removed it and I just felt it in my heart of hearts and as I was walking out of that session it was like I wanna learn this someday and so ended up moving from Toronto to Silicon Valley went into the high tech world and NLP’s birthplace is Silicon Valley so i became a practitioner master pack became an instructor and in 2003 left high tech went to brain tech because I realized my purpose in life very much is to help people breakthrough the barriers that they become awesomer and Sam I know it’s not a word yet but if we keep it up it will be and so

S: We use awesome all the time I love it looks great.

O: And so I did something insane about four or five days ago I sold my house in Baltimore MD I got rid of all my possessions and I decided to go hit the road and go see the world as the pandemic is kind of winding down I’m fully vaccinated and ready to go so first step was Brooklyn second step was my sisters house in Brampton Ontario Canada were in I’m in quarantine on day two of a 14 day quarantine but back in Toronto where it all started my journey with NLP and now this is another journey where I’m actually going to from here going to Athens, Greece and basically what I realized was just meeting people and talking to people and realizing what insights they have sometimes of the insights that I need and also what we all need to understand that we are one people does matter where in the world you’re from what really counts is how can I do better I’m gonna make a better world for my kids how can I have safety how can I have happiness and so that’s my mission now not Kung Fu Kwai Chang Caine walk in the world the invitation and yeah it if we can get people to understand how the human mind works so just right pass it over to you Sam here’s one vision of I have in my mind of Einstein this probably never happened but I could see him in this large auditorium with 21 blackboards of ugly horrible math that would give a mathematician and Nosebleed I would die on the spot and he took that ugly man and came to the other side of it with a simple equation E equals MC squared any kid in elementary school can figure out energy or matter from that equation with a calculator they don’t need to know the ugly math so now the human mind has been this ugly horrible mess that we don’t understand in my mission is how do we and NLP really helps a lot condense it down to a simple little formula that we can use to get the insights and the breakthroughs that we need and so that’s where I am right now and that’s my mission then that’s why I’m so privileged to be here with you to get to evangelize it and also show some of you people before we finish today some tools that can use right now today to get the change they want so they kind of go holy crap Sam that really work.

S: Absolutely I love it and I’m so glad that you mentioned that two things here in just about actually for the listeners because everybody knows that I mentioned NLP alot neurolinguistic programming but from an expert’s perspective one of just it does have to be a long but just a take a couple of minutes here in a second and just kind of give us a quick overview of what that actually is you know from from coming at it from a very laypersons side of things I know of what NLP is just from experiencing it and all of you know read dozens of psychology books and you know books however I’m not taking the courses like you so that’s the first thing I would love for you to take just a quick second and break it down but the other thing I just wanted to mention I’m glad you mentioned this is you know we everyone listen this podcast knows that just about every single episode, im all about let’s let’s cut away the cut away the flock cut away all of the extra all the extra junk all the extra bullshit and just let’s get to something that we can apply immediately so I love that we’re on the same path there because as I know is you know with you NLP it does it doesn’t have to be a big long process I’ll most changes happen in an instant and then you’re completely different so give us a quick overview of what’s in your mind and from the experts point of view.

O: I’ll give you little bit of history in the beauty of NLP and it’s Achilles heel kind of the thought process when they started it was John Brender ran Richard Bandler formed it and this was kind of the philosophy was look there’s people out there in the world doing exceptional frickin things that sometimes they don’t even know how they do it like sometimes you can ask a tennis player you know that sort of is kick ass amazing how do you do in the guy goes well let me tell you I do it I do these five steps and I get this amazing start well sometimes they say I don’t know I just do it but if they give you the five steps of how to do a kickass amazing serve then you go to somebody that’s gonna like mediocre at it guilty and you ask Omar how do you do your amazingly average serve and then I go oh well that’s easy you do these five things and it’s like wait a minute how can the world’s best person be doing the same five things that you’re doing and this totally different results and John found was that a lot of what we do happens at an unconscious level within us and so they said why we go into the smartest people in different areas from tennis to psychology to wherever and figure out what they do that essence so we could teach that essence to other people and then be able to do it as well and because of that they said in LP is always evolving and changing ’cause if we find out that some medicine man in the jungles of Africa is doing something kickass amazing and they’re doing a bunch of like dogma like but what they do is this process in the middle why don’t we clean that process and we could use it everywhere so NLP was expanding and changing as it went that was the whole idea when you have something that’s always a moving target is hard to define it and a lot of people that take NLP and teach NLP from my point of view which could be jaded it’s like NLP is the only way it’s the best way and if you don’t think it’s the best way you’re wrong and that wasn’t the intent of NLP’s like this is the best way we know now but we’re probably wrong but we’ll find a better way to do whatever that is so here’s my definition of NLP. NLP is understanding how the mind works at an unconscious level and understanding that change happens in an instant as what you said so good example of that is somebody that goes to first grade and the teacher says Sam could you read the next page to the class and Sam goes OK and then you mispronounce a word and the teacher gives you a look and the other kids snicker and Sam decides im never speaking public again and he could stay in that it went from being OK to an instant being stuck and then Sam gets to a retirement community at the end of his career and he’s in this community and the people that are running out doing such a bad job one day gets pissed off and says those damn people are screwing this place I’m going to run for president even if he meets I’m gonna have to speak in public and in the instant that the Republic speaking just disappeared so somebody went from 60 years to get to that breakthrough or you can have somebody that goes to a psychiatrist for six months to get to the breakthrough NLP is all about why don’t we get to the change point today get rid of all the bullshit let’s just get down to what’s the essence of change and that’s boiling and NLP is is EM equals MC squared but for the mind how to do simple techniques that create change immediately.

S: Oh I love it I love it this is something that is so influential with what we do as salespeople as well because obviously, we’re are you know our mission our goal is to in fact in most cases walk into a house basically as a blind date and in 45 minutes to an hour be leaving that house with a fully committed marriage proposal of 20 thirty 4050 I mean I’ve done that with $100,000 projects and so forth to in an hour to hand somebody $100,000 or $50,000 set up big trans.

O: Can I correct you, Sam?

S: Yeah absolutely

O: No phrase you know walking away with a marriage proposal you consummating the marriage if you’re getting up every $1000.

S: Which is even better right if one step further yeah that’s really the whole goal of the marriage anyway right.

O: Yeah it is it is amazing I’ve got some clients that actually do door-to-door vacuum sales which I was like that’s still a thing she told them he walk out there were like $8000 orders and it’s like it’s magic that’s like sales where it should be, door to door, person to person who are you hi

S: No in fact door to door knocking is a it’s massive industry now so many so many industries especially like solar alarm systems and pest control they still embrace it like this is the one of the main business models for a lot of companies even still an so in fact there’s a whole door to door knocking conventions that still happen I know a lot of people in my team are really embracing it and rediscovering the magic of just talking to people in person at the cold like that.

O: So a friend of mine does his name is William Sullivan he works for Aris and one of the things he does is go to the house and purchase then he basically asked you you know, how’s your arm? And he go it’s fine, I didn’t twist it too much did I? Are you sure you want to buy this and I didn’t like to pressure you in any way and that’s what he does and it’s so he’s not forcing anybody buy anything it’s just connecting and it’s his last check to make sure he hasn’t stepped over the line and ’cause that’s not what we do when we go and do that is how can we serve the customers in a way that they get what they want and they get their problems fixed and we get to be the heroes to help him do it.

S: I love it Oh my gosh let’s pause see real quick and unpack that for a second because that is that’s that’s powerful everybody did you hear and understand what Omar just said because wow how because I get a lot of questions of how do we prevent cancellations you know we get a lot of people in homes that will make a sale and then you know if it’s not well there’s two kind of philosophies and especially in the heating and air industry one is once you make the sale get it installed as quickly as possible to not give him time to back out which is definitely one way of doing business I’ve always been a firm believer that people choose you for merit not because you convince them and then hurry hurry up I got it in there and didn’t give him time to make a make another decision I wanted to choose me because it really is better right what you just said to lock that in wow because now the second that they when we double verify basically you’ve got him all the way through the sales that’s all the way through the close all the way into enrolling in your program or signing the paperwork and then to double check and be like you know do you twist that didn’t hurt too bad did it you you really do still want to do this man that double confirmation is powerful.

O: And the thing is if you do that lying with like a stealthy line I don’t wish harm right it’s like you know excuse my language but if you do it with a little bit of humor and human basically cuts through to trust best than anything I know you do a little bit of humor but the intent is I just want to make sure you’re OK Sam you do that and you will build a stronger bond and you’ll get more yes and less people backing out last minute.

S: Right I love it I love it OK back on track that’s hope everybody right making notes there and that use that immediately that something those little things you can use right away that will make a big difference for you but back on track so keep going.

O: So the question is oh what the I wanted last word ’cause you know where a PG program is like sometimes we want something so badly and it could be in sales that was curious if you have some people that Omar I can talk to strangers no problem but I can’t talk to anybody that knows me cause their going to think that you know I’m using the relationship or I’m needy or I’m starving or something and there’s other people is like you know hey I can talk to people that my friends be scake strangers Oh my God I could never do that so yeah the heart of who we are as human beings is where we hold our beliefs and we have anywhere from 50 to 100thousand beliefs that define who we are that wasn’t the exact number for it but it’s a large freaking number and how do we get those beliefs, mostly by the age of 7 somebody in authority says seems believable they could be a mom or a dad or an uncle or grandparent or teacher, somebody in authority says something from and then we go as im good, ok, and it just goes on the unconscious and it guides us, from there on in that thought so let’s say the the thought was mistaken example of a family going to buy a new car one Saturday morning little Sally’s in the backseat she’s 5, and mom and dad are in the front and pulled in to the dealership and mom turns to dad and says sweetheart if you really like a car don’t let the sales person know or they’ll force us to buy it all the cars next are the best, little sally is in the background hearing this conversation and goes don’t trust salespeople becomes a belief that you cannot trust those crazy winkers that will force you to buy something there’s a really good chance that she’ll become a salesperson but you’ll reach a certain plateau I won’t go beyond it ’cause somewhere in our unconscious mind is if I become a really good salesperson I’ll become one of those people that forces people to do things they don’t want to do and I don’t want to do that so they have all the training they need to do it but when they go to execute that voice comes inside the head you know hey you wanna force them or they’ll think or whatever that makes his power punches and so the question is how can we find those limiting beliefs to overcome those so A is we get all these belief by the time we’re seven and I’m gonna just add one thing to it then I’ll switch it back to you Sam cause you’re in the audience asking questions as if people listening to this later on went black and you get to ask that but from 7 till the time we die we get another 5% of the police is at the age of 7something amazing happens we have this thing called a cell phone and your dad says something and you go Are you sure I’m going to check that I’m going to Fact Check you and what’s interesting is a friend of mine she’s a Catholic are you Catholic Sam.

S: I’m not

O: Some of the listeners are they’ll know what I’m talking about Sam and other people you like going out to lunch but you’ll learn something new so my friend she wakes up in the morning goes down in the kitchen and as she gets to the kitchen of him breakfast at the breakfast table and her mom turn says happy birthday sweetheart and you’ve reached the age of reason and my friend goes what she is now 7 you know anything you did wrong before the age of seven didn’t count against as a sin against your mortal soul but now they’re seven everything counts baby and she said well when you told me this when I was six I gotta use this information now when we get to 7 all of a sudden become discerning we just won’t take information in so how we get police is that if something happens with a lot of emotions humans are mean making machines we make meaning out of it so let’s say we did something and add was really excited and that could mean that I can do anything and we could get a kid the same thing happens we do something amazing that gets really excited and we make meaning out of it that’s just doing that to make me feel good I’m not I’m not that good even if there’s evidence contrary soon as you get to believe positive and negative it becomes a self healing prophecy and you cut off all other options your goal is to validate that belief and the belief was more things I’m incredibly handsome to women then regardless of all the negative data I’m not looking for it if one woman looks at me and smiles at somebody behind me I take that as smile at me it’s like haha I am handsome and then I started this swagger when I go into places and when I do that swagger find more attractive he’s got confidence and it could be the other thing it’s like I’m unloveable even though Sam loves me and my sister and my dog I look for examples when my sister didn’t treat me in the exact perfect way that I wanted is like haha I’m unloveable and we make that thing that was imaginary and make it real he said beliefs control who we are and I said a lot Sam any questions that come up.

S: So if I’m hearing you read that sounds like our expectations as well as a lot of witness controlling that it is not it either confirms our expectations or is that disproves our expectations and then from there we we tend to start to move down that path because what we are level of expectancy is what we’ll find.

O: So two levels to expectancy one is a conscious level and sometimes it’s like I’ll give you an example in your industry yeah nobody’s gonna wanna do sale with me and then short out the go to 3rd house and they say Oh my God we need one of these things and you know what they do when they go back to the office hey man I got a sale today I don’t believe it that they bought from me because they actually don’t I use that as proof as possible be used as proof this was the rule the exception that proves the rule so there’s two levels of expectation one is a conscious one but the more powerful one is the unconscious one was a belief underneath driving it we’re not even aware ’cause consciously we’re going to do a great job is going to be amazing today’s the day baby but the deeper expectation is sales people are sleazy you don’t want to be a sleaze do you and that expectation will change our behavior to screw things up so yeah absolutely expectations but there’s two levels of it.

S: Right now totally so when never word kind of unpacking this and knowing about the expectations and the limiting beliefs that we’ve knowingly or unknowingly been socialized into from the time we were or little just born in fact So what do we do with that how do we bold made it to awareness is the first step what’s past that

O: To more understanding and more awareness go there then we’ll talk about what’s passed it back left so our beliefs create a model of the world how we think the world works and you could have a sales manager in our industry that has you know 4 sales people underneath them and he goes you hey we are trying this new technique, we are gonna do this and person A, salesperson A in their model it’s totally doable, I got it let’s do it baby, person two in their model of the world that’s not possible for them exactly do it but not for me and so they’ll say to their boss alright boss we’re gonna make this happen when they go to do it either they won’t do it like just disobey orders not do it or they’ll do it in such a way that’s guaranteed to be a failure and so our model of the world recently had the model of the world is Sammy may not realize it but your brain is lazy but so is mine so here’s a data point.

S: They all admitted 100 percent I’m always looking for the most efficient way is good don’t take any extra steps.

O: That the brain does so here’s a datapoint that’s gonna be interesting I a chess grandmaster will sit down for a day of chess and physically he will pick up a 1 ounce piece of wood and will move it to three inches every 20 minutes or so she uses 6000 calories that day ’cause that’s how much glucose your brain uses to process information so he’s actually deeply thinking you know how long I have to workout to do 6000 calories I can do 6000 calories physically so it’s enormous yeah the number one thing your brain is doing right now Sam in the safety of your home is looking for danger that could kill you even though the chance of that is minimal if there was a sudden noise in the background you do that instantly react to it because the number one thing your body needs to do is perhaps Sam to pass his DNA onto the next generation to do that you have to be alive and so your brain is looking to keep you alive and so it says OK in order to do that if something goes down like driving your car and tractor trailer comes into your lane you get superhuman reaction times you get superhuman strength you any pain that you feel basically you don’t feel till the whole thing is over and you get this massive change in your body that can only happen if you have resources to do so so your brain defends from wasteful energy and it creates these processes these little processes we call programming and we go back to the original NLP neuro the brain linguistic the language of the brain and programming which was unfortunate word these people thought you’re trying to program me which is not the case they should have used processes that that pitching out that they’re wearing this morning a part of your brain that you weren’t aware of that process is what I choosing chose that outfit with the least amount of thinking so you saved energy so in case some shit went down you are ready to take action as a result so we have this model of the world that dictates what we allow ourselves to do and what we say maybe yesterday will never do in from that model of the world we get behaviors and behaviors are visible and you can see your behaviors and if you can’t see them Sam if you have a spouse she can and she will tell you why the hell you doing this never mind percent that I hear that a lot in sales manager and sales people can someone see the behaviors I’m going to do this ’cause I like doing this at a safer so my comfort zone will talk about that in a minute but the stuff over here and I feel uncomfortable doing that but I’m going to that answer our behaviors give us our results so we can measure our results especially in sales if you’re not getting the sales you should be getting then you kind of go I need to change my behavior and your boss goes or you going to get some training and I’m gonna change my behavior from here to here but what happens is most people never make that change true absolutely and some people their thermostat stays the same no and some people make that change for a day a week or a month but go back to the old way here’s why let’s say this is your behavior underneath every behavior that counts is a belief in our unconscious that controls it this is like a black hole of gravity that is hidden outside of your awareness strongest force in nature and it locks in that behavior no matter how hard you try you can’t change it even sometimes it gets so inspired we do change it but if we didn’t address the underlying belief the gravity still there and after a day a week a month we go back to the old way like change never happened and we all have friends gone to this workshop and said tony robbins oh my God he’s amazing I walked the fire it was amazing life changed forever and then after the loss of a behavior change from ruling but some of them go back to the old way is not that Tony did not do a good job he did a phenomenal job being changed every end change that belief around it and they go back so beliefs are everything and that’s what NLP is really good at is identifying those beliefs and then transforming those so let me give you an example of how powerful this is I was working with the East Coast team of company they do firewalls and the number one salesperson came in to see me on the East Coast and he comes in is like dude I already know you are already a number one sales guy says I’ve got this one problem I said what’s the problem this is referrals when I go to ask for a referral I feel uncomfortable doing it so sometimes I ask badly and sometimes I don’t even ask it all ’cause I felt so bad about is that anxiety came up said OK tell me about a time recently that you want to ask for referral and that feeling came up, it was 2 weeks ago, I got a client came up, I go to the client’s site, and whatever I see that I saw back then when you had that conversation with him you see im seeing that client then today I’m seeing the client then you know the back of his desk the end wall there and said OK and now what you hear whatever you heard the conversation your inner thoughts I’m hearing it now when you do those two things you get to reexperience what you’re feeling what you’re feeling he goes this uncomfortable feeling right here and that’s exactly what I felt back then and I asked him have you felt this before he would have gone that may be but there’s a tool from NLP can use to link this feeling to the unconscious mind that records everything and soon as we link that feeling together instantly he went back to a childhood memory that he had forgotten this was only got it for God knows I was about seven or eight years old was in the kitchen with my dad and one of his buddies from work and the two friends were talking and my dad went to his buddy you know real men don’t ask for help and little paul grab that thought out of the air and it became a belief not not OK to ask for help and so when he asked for $500,000 to GM to get one of their firewalls piece of cake but when he says hey Sammy happy with our service who would you recommend in other divisions of GM can’t do it and so we identified the belief where it came from we transformed the beliefs send Paul on his way and Paul reports back about a week or so later say hey Omar not sure what the Frick you did dude but I’m asking for referrals and my customers are so happy to give them to me this year my sales are going to go up 30% minimum but something weird is happening weird what’s happening that’s weird so you know calling it was OK always but now I really really enjoy it ’cause the first step of cold calling is a Sam can have a minute of your time is asking for help and it was violating and so when we change the belief he became like an animal whose number one guy how exploded and so that’s what I do for people is 1 issue we resolve it in one month and is done so either it’s will be from money self worth you know I can go into these accounts and I’m freaking amazing but if I go into a house that $5 million house then I’m like feel like self conscious like why is the same presentation but something changes remove that in a month come in at one month one issue gone and that’s what I love about NLP it’s quick it’s fast in his permanent

S: How powerful Oh my gosh that is amazing what a cool story you know I know that as especially obviously worked with salespeople for so long but that asking for referrals and we are starting to really name the big three struggle points yeah I mean so there’s the asking for pros is a huge one cold calling and following up those are literally the three kryptonite’s of basically any cells industry so if so everybody listening he raise your hand if you think

O: It’s just at our points for salespeople asking for referrals cold calling following up and following up which should be the easiest freaking thing to do in the world awesome.

S: It should be yeah it should be so much about yeah absolutely yeah everybody struggles about the presentation and get that mastered but it’s those little things and then man.

O: So I meant I was doing a keynote presentation and this woman comes up afterwards it says Umar I will name the organization but they do a lot of fund raising and her fund raising is done on yachts people with a lot of means in the DC area Washington DC an you know an vacation spots where they are there in vacation homes are ’cause you know I I chat with him I go to the yachts we have a great time and then they say you know we’re going to get back to you in a week it says I called them up to get that freaking appointment which is freaking difficult I went there I met with them we had a great conversation they wanna give they said they’ll call me so I can never ever call them back I can’t call them back and of course this is hurting her numbers from traumatically and so we did that one month kind of transformation and for her it’s like calling back comfortably easily and they go Oh yeah I just got busy sure we’d like to donate $100,000 to that cause and add every time they want to do it but somehow it violates a rule so what’s interesting is we have rules that we’ve developed going back to that process NLP programming process that it’s OK for me to be effervescent in this setting with Sam but if it was a different setting with Sam it be a different set of rules and all of a sudden be more sedate an more contained and it’s like why so good example is so I’ll give you like a dumbass Umar thing on a scale of dumbass moves this would be like on a scale of 1 to 10 this would be a 15 I decided to to learn how to fly and so first thing is you get your solo permission to do and so I got my solo permission so I can take the planes up and do what I want but it turns out flying is the most boring thing in the entire world even pilots will tell you that it’s like you know with moments of sheer panic is it the way they describe it after a while and so after while it was a boring look at this one maneuver that was freaking amazing you’re flying along and you start pulling the plane up higher and higher and you get to a certain level where there’s not enough power in the prob to keep the plane up afloat so it falls out of the sky and as it falls out of the sky you give it full rudder and so we start spinning out of control full speed going towards the earth in which you have to do is you have to kill the power so you’re not accelerating towards the earth and then give it opposite rudder so it stops to spin and then just pull the stick back so the plane starts basically bleeding off the air speed and then you just give it full power your fine but you need 4500 feet from the ground to when you do this maneuver so you got enough space to do this rule #1 fricking important 45 that’s not as important never fly above the clouds ’cause you still learning you’ll get lossed. And so one day I’m going in, the clouds are about 2025 hundred feet. But I’m doing this maneuver ’cause I’m bored and it’s a fun thing to do. But which role do I obey? Do I have baby 4500-foot rule where you will die if you don’t do it with a 2500-foot rule 2500-foot rule and I do this maneuver? I swear to God I saw grass plains, that’s how close I came to buying. I was going to go into a farm and ever since then I’ve been really, really fascinated with like police. Serve and protect on one side is a cardinal rule. And then if a citizen is acting like a Dick all of a sudden I need to be respected. And sometimes their zealousness on being respected overrides the serve and protect rule, and then you get like this overuse of force alienates the public. And abuse of power, each people, so the cops and the bad guys. Just two rules in the mind and they just choose to follow the one ’cause you can’t obey both. And so for sales people is like not I can go into accounts. You know, companies that are. $10 million companies I can go and I can. I’m a beast. I’m comfortable I’m engaging and I do everything perfectly and I walk away with a lot of wins. But my dream is back in Baltimore we have McCormick. It’s a spice company like a billion-dollar company probably, and they’ve dreamed of going into McCormick and soon as they walk into their lobby, all of a sudden it’s a different set of rules. They second-guess themselves. They stumble over their words and it was something they were dreaming about for a year again in there and they screw it up. And the reason they screwed up is a different set of rules come up and in a minute. We’ll talk about the three places where people get stuck. We’ve already spoken about limiting beliefs, but we’ll talk about other things. But does that make sense that you know? Sometimes it can be amazing in this area, sales with these people. We just need to do the same thing at another area. And then all of a sudden we. Sabotage yourselves and we’re like why, why Lord?

S: I have 100% been there you know actually not in the past few years there was a situation where I you know go into residential. Any sized house I’ve overcome over the years overcome the issue of well as long as the House is less than. You know, say 200 fifty $300,000, then I’m good and so I work past that. You put me in any size house. It could be a $20 million house. Give me $100 million house with 18,000 different units. It doesn’t matter. I’m the same person now. However, there was this one situation. When we got the tour of the home from the person who actually just keeps the house. He’s telling us, showing us all of the Ferraris and the Lamborghinis at selling us about how he shows us this big life size of the owner of the House on the cover of Forbes magazine. Telling us about their pit house in New York and their vineyard in Australia. And all these things that instantly I had this moment of. Self sabotage, so I don’t know if I’m good enough to sell this one and I was like because I know a lot of these techniques. I’m working very diligently to get my own head this whole. During this, it was a. It was an hour to get a tour of the house before he could even look at what we were going to look at. And I think just because the House manager was. Like just really proud that he got to take care of it, but in my head, I’m having this struggle of like this is let’s let’s break it down to the microscopic. The air conditioners are the same as any other place, and the furnace, and the heater are the same as in any other place. All of these. The rest doesn’t matter. Why am I recognized as having that struggle? So 100% know exactly what you’re talking about.

S: So I had this so the second place people get stuck is something called hotwiring. And home wiring is I had this gentleman. His name is Brian. He’s in the financial advisory world. And he. Here’s me speaking, says Umar. I need help. I’m starving to death. I should have quit this industry three months ago. I am working with the number One Financial guy in the world practically in the top 0.1% and I thought he was in hold my hand and guide me and you know IPS protege and he was like there’s the freaking phone make calls down from dollars I get I can pick up it’s just the worst thing in the world and So what we do is we figure out what’s happening at the unconscious level. This is what’s happening. When the guy picks up the phone at home. Hey John, how are you this is Brian not a big deal when he looks at the phone in the work setting like I’m going to make cold calls. That’s the trigger. And soon as he sees the phone. He gets that inner voice inside his head. Do you have a negative voice inside your head? Sometimes Sam, a listener, of course. And so he, the boy says. You’re no good at this. And cold calling doesn’t work anyway, so what’s the point? And that causes him to make a picture inside his head and the picture is of a CEO, a leader of a company, being super annoyed that somebody is interrupting his day. And that makes him feel very, very uncomfortable. Then he looped it from the uncomfortableness. It made the voice more toxic. It made the pictures worse and the feeling worse and after about a few seconds the last thing we wanted to do is pick up that phone. So we say OK, the trigger is looking at the phone in a work setting. And then you touch yourself badly. You make bad pictures, you feel bad. You keep on doing it until you get a Nosebleed. So then I said OK. So what we’ll do is we need to capture some emotions ’cause emotions are critical. So go Brian tell me about a particular time where you felt. Burning desire. But when you felt curious, tell me about a time you felt really, really curious. I say yeah. When I was about eight years old, my brother and I found the presents. The Christmas presents that my mom had. I dare not open them as they were wrapped but I shook him and I smelled them and I just didn’t know what was inside so we get that curiosity we make that the first emotion that we capture. There we go. OK, tell me about a time you were decisive. He thinks about a time it was totally decisive. Capture the second emotion and then we said, tell me about a time you had a burning desire. This is when I graduated from university, I purchased a new car. I had no business buying a new car, but that was a symbol that I had arrived in adulthood, so nothing was going to stop me from having a burning desire to buy the car. So we get three emotions and we installed it inside his mind that when you see the phone in a work setting, there is a pathway that’s already developed in your mind. Talk to yourself badly. Make bad pictures, feel bad, and keep on doing it till you. Don’t touch the phone now. Second, map the pathway. We install the same trigger. Look at the phone. For an instant, you feel incredibly curious. You figure out all the things you could do with the phone. One of them. Do not do anything with it. The second one is you become insanely decisive, so you pick one of those things that you came up with with curiosity and you pick it. Then you get a burning desire to take action. Nothing in the world going to stop you. And then we installed two pathways. The first one was preinstalled, second one the new 1. The human mind will always go for more pleasure than pain. The first ones caused pain and then I got a call back from him saying who are Oh my God, he’s somebody look at that freaking phone. I want to pick it up and start dialing. And using the phone comfortably, powerfully eloquently, and About three years later on LinkedIn is like, hey, you are. You might know Brian Harner. Oh my God three years ago. I did that month thing with him. I wonder how well he’s doing messaged him on Linked In and said hey Brian, we worked together three years ago. Let’s connect this is Umar. Three years ago I was ready to quit this business. That year, like one of the highest recognitions in that industry, is the $1,000,000 roundtable. I joined the $1,000,000 round table and I haven’t left since. Nice, one thing that was stopping me was the fear of the phone and you helped me overcome that. And that is what I do. So in terms of being elegant on the phone, you know on a scale of 1 to 10, I’d probably be as an instructor really good 6. But internal phone I am a master. The fear of going in the House and getting people to do by what you do. I’d be another solid six out of 10. Sam is going to be the master. But overcoming the self-doubt overcoming all that BS that’s happening here. That’s my life’s mission is to help people do that, and so ask some questions I want to guide you through a process ’cause I promised to teach something that people could use right away. So I want to do that before we part company today.

S: Absolutely yeah, that’s just one that kind of emphasizes that real quick. You know everybody that listening. You know when all my coaching clients are the right coaches with me. You know, one of the things that we go through is. Yes, we absolutely have a very powerful sales system that I put together and so much of it is based. In NLP, it’s based on how? How do we subconsciously connect with that client on the level to take that? That moment of the report happens for most people, usually 30 to 45 minutes into the appointment. And how do we move that forward to the first five to 10 minutes and then imagine what the rest of the visit is like when you’re working together to solve a problem versus you know the first 40 minutes you’re still trying to overcome. Hey, I’m not the creepy sales guy, so and So what? Yes, we’ll go through that system. But when I’m when I’m coaching with people, one of the big biggest conversations we have is yes, we’re going to learn this system. But at the end of the day, the scripting the checklists, the things we have to look at, a trained monkey could do that. That is not sales, sales is what happens around the process, what is, what are the intangibles that nobody can see. So, and this is where so many so many. Especially new and intermediate salespeople get stuck as well. As you know, people out sales managers. Maybe you were always at everybody’s listening. You’re an owner. Your sales manager. You were the Rockstar salesperson. You are the number one in your area. You dominated and they moved you into the sales manager position and now. You’re having ever all of your team seems to be checking all the boxes. They can say all the words they know all the stuff, but why are the sales not going up? Why are things not improving? And so that has to do with exactly what we’re talking about? Today is resetting our own belief system in our own thermostat. You know I have a senior not too long ago. They were like what makes you a top sales first, what makes you that person that you don’t lose a contest? There’s a contest as like because I know I believe that I’m the person to do it. I know that I’m going to win the contest going into it. I don’t take no for an answer. I stay in the batter’s box longer. I I do that I just have nothing to do with learning the skills has everything to do with believing that my outcome is where I want it to be. In visualizing that and so that’s exactly what this is about. I’m so excited I can see you have. ’cause

O: I wanna ask I think you hit on something really powerful there. You said, you know, I don’t. I don’t take no for an answer. And more importantly, you don’t take no from yourself as an answer. Cause even with that mindset, you’re going to get some doubts coming inside it’s like hey Now I got this and I think need to learn to say no to ourselves. And that’s what the beliefs are about. So Sam, you are right to learn something about. Let’s do this, yes, alright, so Sam and dear listeners and viewers. How important is self-esteem to how well you do in sales?

S: It’s critical,

O: Critical, right? Yeah, so right now, dear viewers and listeners, Sam to Sam’s gonna answer on a scale of from zero to 100 on self-esteem zero would be, you know things are not going well. 100 is you can’t wait till I shut up so you can go in the bathroom and look in the mirror and go. You’re so beautiful. What’s your level of self-esteem on a scale of 1 to 100 right now in this moment?

S: 85

O: 85 and dear viewers and listeners write down your number whatever came up for you, so Sam I would take you on a thought experiment. You’re about to be interviewed by USA TODAY, ’cause I want to talk about, you know, but best sales coaches in the country, but they want to go beyond that. And so a friend of yours says you better prepare for that interview so you go in this room that’s divided in two with the glass wall and one side of the room is a table. The chair, a tablet of paper, and a pen and you’re sitting there and you start writing your accomplishments all the way back to when you rank in kindergarten. Doing those finger paintings at your parents thought you were a genius and he was so proud we needed him elementary school Sunday school and high school and summer jobs and things you did for your family and community and for the homeless. But you start writing down all your accomplishments from as far back as you can remember to what you did this week. And as you’re running your accomplishments, the essence of who you are. Steps out of your body, some call it higher self, some caught it. They call it soul and you step out of your body and you go through the glass wall. New stand on the other side of the glass wall. Watching yourself right. Your accomplishments on the other side of the glass wall. Can you see yourself doing that Sam for a moment? Yes, I can, yeah. And then as you standing there, Sam, I want you to think of someone from your life, someone that loves you very much or values you highly. When you have that person that you’re thinking of, just put up your finger so I know you’ve got that person good. So imagine this standing right beside you, watching. You write your accomplishments on the other side of the room and since your spirit. I want you to step into their body for a moment. And see yourself through their loving, caring eyes, watching your right, right, your accomplishments, and. Just see how much they love you and care for you. And since you’re inside their body, you can hear what they think about you, how much they love you, how much they care about you, how much they value you. So here are all those thoughts. And finally, since you’re inside their body, just feel the depth. Of their emotions for you. But loving caring the valuing. And with all those three you step out of their body, go through the glass wall and you step back into where you’re sitting right now where you are right now. Listening to my voice when you step back into your body changes things. When you think about your level of self-esteem, that number is. Oh geez, that number. Now? So it’s gotta be as close to 100 as get. Yeah, and what that does is I could have told you brilliant things about you. It sounds like your successes and how handsome you are. And do you know you made stars were all made of stars and all that bullshit that’s nice to hear, but that’s just you know soon as you hit the first speed bump that goes away. When I showed you was a process that’s intrinsic. If you have kids, teach it to them. If you don’t have kids, go to a park and teach it to a kid there. You might get arrested, but that’s OK. Is for the greater good. We going to the best sales. The job you’re about to do. Just doing this exercise in the car before you walk into a house is going to change things dramatically, so that’s the power of NLP and what I’ve done in my career is go. This is NLP and I’ve gone on a journey. I also became a really kickass amazing hypnotist to understand the human mind. I’ve gone into the realm of the energetics of what human beings are. Exploration of the soul exploration in art and justice condensed all of that to make NLP bigger. To make it simpler to use, and more powerful to create transformation. And that’s my life’s mission is how to help people break through the barriers they become aware of. Thanks for having me on the show today.

S: I really, really Oh my gosh, this has been fantastic. I love it so I hope everyone has gotten some. Got some valuable lessons. Say things you can implement immediately in that exercise power prod sale you from sitting here doing it man that it’s taken and we talked about this a lot in the podcast is. You know, if all you need is just seconds of complete absolute confidence and bravery, and you can do anything. So how even on a bad day is on a good day You know you’re going to appointments and you’re doing sales. We know the best time to make ourselves right after we made a sale, but this we’re already in that energy we’re in what’s called that peak state. But how do you get there on the bad days or right after you know something did not go your way or you’re just not feeling 100% this exercise? We just went through will do that. Man, I tell you what I know that 100% I could. I think I’ll pick up the phone right now. I I can’t wait till this podcast so I can pick up the phone and start dialing for dollars. Start making cold calls. My confidence level is that. But so, so, that is how. When you’re out in the field. Do this, sit in your car. Do that visualization, get to that place where your confidence is. You know 95-100 whether you’re taught confidence. Then walk in the door, see how things change for you. ’cause people buy people they don’t necessarily. I’m Such a firm believer that. In the first five minutes, your client has decided if they’re buying from you or not. The rest of the appointment is up to you to continue that relationship or to talk yourself out of it. After that.

O: This is an app coming out. It’s on the web but is coming out on. Apple and Android release in what it does is this is that I’m going to go to sales mindset and I’ll. And there’s a topic called handling objections. Is 8 minutes 31 seconds? And his means you had taken you through the NLP process. So before you get on the phone and dial, you just become a ninja and handle objections to get the right mindset forward for you. it’s called mindset boosters. I’ll send you a link to it, and space available on the web. But soon to be on your phone, through the App Store, and what it does is the rebound track. I’m so proud of it because some sales people going to do that, really big sale that the VP of sales is counting on it. The spouse is counting on it, they’re counting on it. And this customer sometimes I said now I decided not to do it and it can be crushing right? And it can bum you out for an afternoon or a week or a month, a quarter of a year, or a lifetime that you listen to a track for seven minutes 30 seconds and it gets you to get overcome the defeat and feel unstoppable. So you are back on the hunt again immediately. So this app is designed for salespeople. To basically get the help they need exactly when they need it, and so it’s not a meditation app like I field dressed. It is like screw that is like how do we get you in the right mindset to be a kickass, amazing salesperson no matter what. Love it. I’m gonna send you a link to this so report back how you love it. I’ll do it after we finish this.

S: Definitely and everybody listening. I’ll make sure that that link is in the in the accompanying blog that will be with us. The transcription for this so I know that you we talked earlier and of course you have three books that you’ve written so far, and you mentioned you have a fourth one. Coming out soon why don’t you take a second and just kind of give us some some highlights of what that’s going to be about, and then also tell us how our listeners can get in touch with you? How can they find out more about Omar and how to get in touch with you for coaching if they decide they want to? And I highly recommend this. Everybody I can teach you the skills I can teach you the system. A belief system is everything and this is the person to go to to get connected with the belief system and how to overcome those things that keep us from being the top performers.

O: So the first the new book is going to be working title right now is. Ten ways to overcome the fear of rejection. And says sure, you 10 Kick-Ass amazing powerful ways just like that. Self-esteem exercise. To just be rejected. Intolerant, basically, you will not feel rejection, you just go do what you need to do in a loving, powerful, amazing way. So I’m really. I’m going to be proud of that book hasn’t written yet, but in start writing that really soon. So the ways to get ahold of me? Go to the website, no limits with an S selling. Dot com (nolimitsselling.com) and it’s the center hub for everything you find out about the app, the programs and they work really, really well with other coaches because like I said on, if you want sales training, I’m a six out of 10 so you don’t want me helping you do that. You want to be freaking unstoppable. I’d be best in the world like the top 10%, so that’s why it’s Sam is going to give you. The mechanics is going to give you the know how the expertise in your industry. You need that there’s three components to bringing. Freaking amazing. One is you need the right strategy to be successful, Sam’s going to help you with that. To you need the right sales skills Sam’s gonna help you with that. And the third part is mindset. That’s where I come in one one-month engagement and get you once they get you unstuck. So you become unstoppable. That way you can take all the information Sam’s getting you and using the way that he wants you to use it. So once again, nolimitsselling.com. This is my mission in life. Sam, thank you very much for a great interview. And I’m looking forward to our next time, but I’m gonna have you on my podcast really soon and will continue to love and will focus on what you do exceptionally well.

S: Fantastic man, I still appreciate it, everybody. Thanks for listening. Today this has been just an awesome interview. I’m so happy that I was able to connect with Omar here. And gosh everybody, if you didn’t get some value from here, go back and listen because some of the things that we talked about I’m actually still sitting here imagining ways to work them into the system because the, you know, the psychology. Of selling how brains work, that’s that’s really. Sales tells us to transform enthusiasm. It’s understanding, you know, 50% is understanding why people want to buy. The other half is understanding what’s keeping them from buying and being the person. And just over and over and over in the podcast, you’ve heard me say. Work to become that person worth buying from and studying hard things. Have to keep on going to get shipped directly in town. I love it, but that’s it. So everybody is harvested over and over to become that person worth buying from manager. Personal growth grows near your own level increases. The level of the person that buys from you also increases to accompany that, but at the same time, when you know that you’re the expert in your field, when you know that you’re that on a scale of 1 to 10, you’re functioning and 100. It doesn’t matter who the person is, there are no limits on what you can sell to. Here’s a great example to I was in in Austin not too long ago. Go into a home. Of course, I didn’t really know who this person was to start with, but turns out this was, you know. Quarterback for the Kansas City Chiefs. And local hometown hero. You know, you know, we this. This windows section of conversation when I realized who this person was, the wall of trophies, all of that kind of things I had that moment of like, wow, a little bit of tiny little bit starstruck. This person’s clearly at a different level. In some cases. But what happened is that the second we came back to, why I was there, I literally had a moment of like it had the conversation with him it’s like thank you for sharing about your life and every all your accomplishments. It’s awesome. I really appreciate what you do. And thanks for being a great role model. Now it’s my time. Let’s talk about what we’re here and this is my field. And so basically, yeah, exactly it was like OK, and so it was really fun to see that that transition of how not power powers is actually a good word for that. That transition of influence went. That scale swung back over to OK, I’m the extra here. I know about air conditioning and. Heating systems, then a track you know about parade football. And so not to, you know, not one is not better than the other, but to have that transition so

O: Absolutely. And that’s crucial. And I like this quote that I probably made up, but it’s basically what you said. We’re all dumb at something.. Absolutely on the football. Really bad at that.

S: Yeah, it’s not my thing but how we can connect with people that are experts in their field. It doesn’t matter who they are. You know 100% could walk in and would have no problem selling it out there. Start to or anything else because it’s about listening. It’s by asking the right questions. It could be Elon Musk. It could be Warren Buffett. It could be anybody in the world. Knowing that I’m the expert in what I do, they are the expert in what they do and so to meet and have a great conversation surrounding that. Not getting stuck in our head on that impostor syndrome so I thought I’m just rambling at this point so. Wrap this up. Thank you so much for being on the podcast. Clearly, I’ve got a lot of my gears in my head rolling so brain-dumping a little bit of that this will inspire a lot of podcasts everybody knows.

O: Thank you so much for having me on the show.

S: Yep, absolutely we will be in touch soon and for everybody else out there and go to close it and got next it you will be able to link to this point to this podcast. Also, you’ll be able to all of numerous contacts. His website’s podcast linked to every page link tree will be on the on CloseItNow.com. Or go straight to nolimitsselling.com and you can get in touch with him there. Thanks for being a guest on my podcast my friend. I will talk to you soon. Have a great day everybody go out there. Save the world when heat stroke at a time.