5 Essential Networking Connections

5 Essential Networking Connections

Lead generation equals control. A company can make better margins when people generate quality leads on their own. Yes, they can sit around and wait for the company’s appointments but getting people in the field can get you self-generated leads that will increase your ability to scale.

Networking happens each and every day. You are always out networking whether you’re sitting at events, going out for coffee or working with a homeowner. Every situation is a chance to network.

In this episode, Sam interviews Jimmie Jayes, a business coach, educator, and solar advisor. Jimmie has helped Apricot Solar from the very beginning and has helped them grow from $0 to $130 million in 5 years of revenue.


5 Essential Networking Connections

Sam: Welcome back to Close It Now podcast Sam Wakefield here I am so excited with this guest today. He is a freaking Rockstar. You will see here just middle of get into the introduction. but first of all just want to say so glad you’re joining us. Welcome to the new format. I hope you’re enjoying two podcasts a week. For the first two years, it was a little bit so little bit less often. But now we’re on the road we’ve got everything going on. We got to do a new company is hosting the podcast. So that is why we are having such ads able to produce so many episodes. And thanks to every single one of you listen all around the world. I think the last numbers that I saw were in 24 countries around the world. Basically, if your country gets hot and you have any similar speaking English help you somebody in your country has listened to this podcast which is awesome. I love technology and the Internet because of that. So first of all, just want to say hey if you haven’t go joined Facebook. It’s a cool community with all of you know everything for business owners to and not it HVAC specific business a track we have people that all listen to all different trades all over the world. But just love to dive into the philosophy we talked at a different level on this podcast. And you’re gonna absolutely hear that today uh with our guest that is joining us. So I just want to take a quick introduction. This is a gentleman that I’ve known for several years. I’ve known him in different facets. But man I’ve just been so impressed with his ability to have a conversation that’s different than any that you really have ever had. So little bit about him this is my friend Jimmy JC is a business coach. He’s also so he’s been a business coach for a lot of different people a lot of successful people. But the reason he is here today he is with a company called Apricot Solar. He is a bit of a business coach with the owner and he’s also in the field uh as a solar representative himself. You know the thing that’s different about this. Is that he’s helped this company from the start, go from zero from the very beginning to a $134 million in five years of revenue. and no stop in there that type of growth is not easily accomplished. But they’ve done an amazing job of just going out and crushing it his goal. His personal goal is to create 12 solar millionaires in across the next 12 months. Boom! How do you like that is pretty awesome. That is the net income in the individual’s pocket. So I’m super excited to hear what he has to say. I know that you will be as well. So welcome my friend James to the podcast today. Jimmy, how are you doing brother?

Jimmy: I’m doing great! hello close it now community welcome super glad to be chatting with you guys today and honored to be on the show.

Sam: Awesome. I love it and thank you so much for being here we really appreciate the time that you’re that you’re giving us today. We know you’re gonna come across this every time we talk there so amazing that they get from you can apply immediately. that’s why the concept that we have this podcast still so it is you know giving individual Nuggets and they can immediately applied to go out and completely change ourselves right away. see you know higher close rates and higher average tickets better bottom line. so tell it gives us a little bit of background on how in the world did you get into the position you’re into once developed skills. And become the person that it takes to business coaching company from zero to 134 million in five years and that’s pretty dramatic feet.

Jimmy: Yeah. I mean I’ve been an entrepreneur for my entire adult life. and you know have been somebody who’s who’s always had a business coach. My very first coach I was 22 years old. And I hired a coach from the rich ad company for those of you know rich dad board ads or the cash flow game. And uh yeah I mean the 22 years old I had to tell my mom you know that I couldn’t drive home for Thanksgiving. because my car was worth about 1200 bucks and probably wouldn’t make the two-hour drive. and then I had to explain to her that I presumed to have a new car was because you know I spent all of that money hiring some business coach on the Internet. You know I’m just I’ve always been you know somebody had to go to myself always been you know I love reading and which invested in in myself. Gone through different programs with one called the board of advisors that works specifically with open book financials. and so I’ve gone through it myself I’ve built businesses myself. And so it’s really an honor to us to be able to coach people. And yeah with Dave specifically I mean he’s just built a world-class company so I can’t take credit for all of it. went from zero to 134 million last year alone so not 134 total but 134 last year alone indicating that $89,000,000 in 2019. And I believe in calendar year 2022 that will cross a billion dollars in sales just in that one calendar year. So I mean I can’t take all the credit. Yeah, he’s a brilliant entrepreneur and it’s great just working with him today to create something special.

Sam: Geez. Im gonna.. Lord hear by these numbers. You know coming from so many other trades coming A track coming from all these places. You know when you you start using the B number we’re talking about numbers that are unheard of for these other industries. And we’re talking about one company here we’re not talking about just on-hold credit companies this is not holding one company doing this. Wow man. I that it’s so awesome to hear that that’s possible for once everybody listening. Dream bigger faster than bigger goal said bigger vision because it’s possible that anyone can do it anyone can do it. That’s that’s powerful it doesn’t hurt hey gosh. And leaders are readers right you work to become someone worth buying from. Which we say all the time in his podcast and so as you increase your own personal growth. Clearly everything else just kind of happens around here. so question then one of the things we’re going to talk about in this episode is you know we we’ve got one of the biggest questions I get. Yeah especially in the face of the group that’s a reason I mentioned in the beginning is depending on the time of year. You know when it’s right in the hot season threatening cold season you know we get phones ringing off we can barely keep. But we know that everything for most trades is pretty seasonal. What do we do especially in the offseason? But also to maximize even when the phone is ringing off the hook we know it’s end our we’re gonna add spin or lead generation. They’re not always the best thing coming out. One of the things we wanted to talk about today is you know five essential networking connections to get more leads and not just to get more list gifts quality time. So that’s something that I wanted to ask you about ‘cause I know that’s you know when we were talking before. I know that’s how you felt this is how they were caught get to this place by generating an enormous amount of self-generated leads. So there’s no additional spin involved the company makes better profits that make better margins. By generating you know give generated leads on the roads.

Jimmy: Yeah absolutely so I’m happy to talk about that inside of inside of apricot date spend millions of dollars literally on lead generation. And so you know it’s not a big part of my role honestly there. but if you think about this through the lens of you know people we’re listening in today. You probably got you to know owners on the line move got a company you probably got people on the line maybe lead a small team in HVAC. And you probably got people in the field that are just out there you know making sales themselves. And to me lead generation equals control. Right if you have your income and your income is going up and it’s going down and it’s seasonal. It’s usually the case in the fact that you’re not in control of the leaflet. So really being able to do that if you’re a Co-owner even if you’ve got lots of lead flow even if you’ve got lots of money spending on marketing dollars. It means that you have to put out add enormous amount of money. Right and then hopefully it comes back to you. And even if it’s profitable business underline will get this even if it’s profitable it’s money that goes out of the business and it stays gone for a while until you know the money comes back in from the HVAC jobs. So really that affects your ability to scale because you can’t go hire 10 more people ‘cause you can’t fill their camera. so as a company owner if you can get people in the field in this habit of being able to get self-generated leads on top of the company-provided ones. It really will increase your ability to scale. If you’re somebody in the field. Right, why do you want to learn this? Well, you want to learn this because if you don’t learn this then you basically need to sit around waiting for company employment. Hopefully, they come in, but it’s outside of your control.

Sam: Right. we’ve all been in that in position that’s for sure

Jimmy: Absolutely. So what I can do clearly with you right now is something I learned from my friend Mia’s tour it’s called the five essential networking connections. And you’re always networking so whether you’re at a networking event specifically the network whether you’re just out in life whether you’re meeting people you know at a cigar bar or whether you’re working with a homeowner in the home. Right every single interaction is a chance to network. And the five essential networking connections connection number one if you’re taking notes is the client your ideal client. Connection #2 is called the supporter. Connection #3 is the referral partner. Connection #4 is the collaborator. And connection #5 is the influence. And so those are the five connections that will run through them here and hear them again first one is the ideal plan. You know this person you know how to help them you work with them all the time. Right, there’s a difference between a client and an ideal client and with each box made maybe a client is somebody who just you know they wants this little tiny job done. And it’s not really that profitable for you and you’re hoping that you get in the door and maybe you could help them with a bigger system I mean you could help them get a referral or something like that. And an ideal client is the person that you wish you could be sitting with all day long. Right, who’s that idea now? The thing is though is out of 100 people. There’s not very many that are ideal clients at that moment in time. Especially in the HVAC world. Right where even if you have a great customer they just might not need your help right now. Right right maybe they got a system three years ago and it’s another two years or five years or ten years or whatever before they need you again. Right, so they might be they just don’t need your service right there’s a very small percentage of war. The next is the support now a supporter doesn’t necessarily grow your business directly. They don’t necessarily give you or business maybe they’ve got other resources though or things that can help. So if you leave the networking group as a for instance the supporter might be somebody who owns a business and they let you use their space in their boardroom. right for your networking could be you know somebody who you learn something from like a coder or somebody who you meet and they teach you something. And you know like us right now right I’m talking to somebody and I’m in Seoul are there in each bag right but if there’s something that I know that you can learn right there something Sam knows that I can learn. Then Rick can still support each other without being finished so number one is the ideal client number two is the supporter #3 is the referral partner now overall partner you probably know is just somebody who you know they send you a referral .so is our referrals baked into your process. These good questions do you get referrals because sometimes somebody sends you a referral? or are you intentional about getting when you sit with somebody right and they love you and they love your service? Do you say thank you and leave or in their phone do you write in each back guy Sam? So that when they’re trying to remember who their HVAC guy was right they can just easily put into their phone and and tell their friends about you when somebody else they know needs something. Is our process in place in other words yeah

Jimmy: So #3 is the referral partner and just because you get referrals doesn’t mean you have a referral system of referral system what is the process that you use to get more referrals? and referrals are easier it’s a better conversation if you’re under it doesn’t cost you add then. And give a referral link you are only to referral a legal referral you literally have an endless supply of friendly business. I don’t need those first three sent

Sam: You know that I’ve seen this work so well. And you know for years and this is something I’ve talked a lot about mostly in the Facebook group actually this is the first real podcast and I love this during this up first row podcast to really dive into the power of generating referrals. You know up until now we’ve talked a lot about you know techniques and just different concepts. But you know the end of the day if we don’t have people to sit in front of you know we have people to show our opportunity to then nothing happens until something gets old the old expression so you know personally I’ve been involved in at one point I was involved in five different networking groups at the same time. You know we hear a lot about you I don’t have time to be involved in that many networking groups and I would definitely submit to you that make time that you don’t have time to not be involved the years that I was involved in so many networkers. I had probably somewhere between three and $500,000 in revenue from people who would just call me up they got your number from somebody and my I close right was right around 80 to 85% with those referrals. Because they were already worked up when they came to me. So I’ve definitely lived this out in the past and I’m so glad you’re bringing it up. Because it’s such a killer topic we need to really spend a lot more time on it.

Jimmy: Yeah. one more company leads like honor them right that the owner of your company is spending money good money on leads and you know sometimes they spend that money. And you know something happens with Facebook or something happens with SCO and they spend all this money and it doesn’t bring them back the same so yeah every lead they give you you turn that into another self-generated right. That’s something that you can do for the company. So even if you’re in the field think lightning business owner. And that’s how you’re going to raise your work your way through the ranks of the company you working for.

Sam: Love it! Love it!

Jimmy: OK. so we talked about the ideal client. We talked about the supporter. We talked about the referral partner. The next one is the collaborator. Collaborator. collaborator is somebody that you can work together with. So a collaborator in the HVAC space you know maybe there is somebody where you know they’ve got a similar service that doesn’t beat. And you can work together maybe there’s a collaborator where you’re building a team somebody has a list of people who are in the sales industry. right got it 10X Facebook group that follows Grant Cardone and there’s a bunch of people in there that you know our our sales people and what if you know you can do something together with that person if you’re trying to grow a sales team in HVAC. Right there’s somebody with a list of people and you could collaborate together and potentially do something together do some training together or something that might end up going to people and bring so you could do that either on those recruiting sites or you can do that on you know yeah customer acquisition site. #4 is the collaborator. and again collaborators you can find them inside of networking groups.

Sam: Wow powerful

Jimmy: Connection #5 is the influencer. The influencer is by far without question my favorite of the connection types and they usually get missed that usually get ignored. Right and an influencer there are a few different definitions. There’s a story of Robert Kia Saki where reference earlier for rich dad poor ad and back in his early days he went on Oprah. He was talking about his book Rich Dad Poor Dad and apparently, I don’t know this for sure but apparently when they went to a commercial break. Oprah leaned over him and I just sold a million copies of your book.

Sam: Amazing!

Jimmy: So if you think about that. You know what if there was one influencer who took their platform and they promoted you? What could that be it could be in bestseller status overnight. In Ricky’s hockey stick. Right and then the influence and everything happened you know after that so the way I like to think about it is who is your ideal client? OK and then you can spend time trying to find an ideal client where do I go find them? or you can ask the question of who has lists of my ideals. Who has lists of my ideal clients? So if I use all these solar as an example. Right, so I’m in solar right who do I want I want to connect with homeowners. And one of the biggest catches in solar he is in order for somebody to go solar the roof asks to be in good condition. Otherwise, they can’t go so right so I’d influencer somebody who has a list of ideal clients for me if I say hey somebody who owns a home. And at home as a relatively new roof hey that would be perfect. So who has lists of people like that?

Sam: By sounds an awful lot like a river to me.

Jimmy: Right so there’s a roofing company and they’ve got you know 1000 people on their list. They’ve already spent money to acquire those thousand people. They’ve already probably got most of the roofing work you know out of it that they’re going to get out of it. And so that isn’t influential connections. And when I think about it if I can give them some money every time they send somebody who goes solar like think about that person. If you’re if you’re an owner right see what that person is your owner right now there’s a term called bloat. So thinking about income statement balance sheet statement cash flow that sort of stuff all this stuff U.S. Business owners you know so that’s update. But when you think about that if you wanna make an extra $10,000 and let’s say you’re a company and you’re doing you know maybe your profit margin is 30%. But every time you do a project you know you bring in 30%. Well if you look at your real numbers meaning like did you take dividends out of the company. or did you take did you actually pay yourself a fair market wage? Right and when you look through all of that usually most companies are somewhere between five and five once it’s all said and done you know what they actually so if somebody is at will figure out 15% is what they year after you take out what their fair market salary would be and everything like that uhm .in order to go add $10,000 a month profit wanted you gotta go 10,000 times 12 is the $120,000. And then you have to divide that by your profit margin so divided by 15 any idea what that number is?

Sam: That’s gonna be enormous.

Jimmy: $800,000. wow! So you’re a roofing company and you want to go and you want to add $10,000 a month to your bottom line. you can go and sell $800,000 in extra roofing and complete the job and buy the additional trucks that you would probably need and hire the new guys that you would need to do that extra. right and at the end of it have an extra $10,000 a month. Or you just sent end solar referrals that go older. and I’ll give you a $1000 referral bonus. So you make an extra 10 grand a month without having to do all of the extra growth that comes with an extra $800,000 that you have to sell in your roof.

Sam: He is not to mention the headache of the wet workman’s comp and insurance and all that extra overhead expansion.

Jimmy: And sometimes you can’t I mean you might not be able to in your city you might have to expand to a different city or to a different state 90 the second building now you need maybe a second corporation. Right, So what I would say through the lens of an owner right now. Who are some influential companies you are such influencers number one who have lists of your ideal client. People that could use you know HVAC services and then number 2 look at the other way like who are some companies where we’re already probably sending referrals how could we just have a formalized agreement with those influencers so that when we send them referrals we’re getting a piece of the action we’re getting paid for it and even if it seems like a small amount of money. Recognize that it is it is all natural profit right all and it’s even better than that profit don’t want to hear but like you have gotta get your gross profit. Then you’ve got you know you got your cogs your variable expenses then you’ve got your net profit. but then after that, you still have to go collect that money your accounts receivable gotta go collect it. and then once it’s collected like then you got cash. if you just make a referral you’re skipping over all of those things. You don’t gotta go collect it you don’t gotta do the work to earn it you don’t have to like any of that. Right, it’s just like two aligned months.

Sam: Geez. I’m like crazily excited here. This is like the next level. I hope everybody is paying attention because this is literally next-level stuff for listening from a guy that he is in five years Bruce companies biggest complaint from zero to 134 million. Come if you can do just half of that limiting this how to raise your hand if you’d like be able to accomplish some of that in your organization.

Jimmy: That said the ownership lens right if you’re in the you’re the field strike. You gotta make sure that you’ve got you know permission from from the owner of the company that you’re working with or part of. It probably looks like you know especially sending referrals from that company you have to make sure that they’re they’re they’re but they’re blessing on it. And probably they’re going to expect since they spend money to acquire these leads that they’re going to get cut in on some of the profit on it. But if you’re in the field you want to have the same mentality. Number one don’t need permission by the way to go find referral partners to get those people to send you to reach back like do that all day long your company owners gonna love you because you are now bringing up leads and profit and sales companies so do that OK one of the great things there’s a lot of times your ideal client is similar and so if they’re sending you referrals a lot of times what you’re doing is in the best interest of the homeowner. Right for you to be able to make those connections back. So if there’s you have a roofing company and then you’re in HVAC. And all a sudden there’s a big storm. And you got a list of people and you know their rules are all messed up. But you’re doing them a disservice by not telling them about a great company that does great work. Right, it’s a chance for you to be able to that people and to be able to really take care of your homeowner to the next level. And say you know hey imagine if a bunch of people get an email that says hey I know this storm is affected a lot of a lot of people. And so we work here’s this company that we worked with and they do they do great work. another way for you to stay in front of the homeowner another way for you to help them and you know give me some other examples water So what are some people in HVAC where if you’re in the field what are some other services they might need water more people that you might connect them to.

Sam: Oh yeah that’s a good one. In fact, it’s something that I own I’ve always done it in the field as well as you know coach people individually on this have that basically a database of your trusted referrals to be able to give people ‘cause there’s no better service to your client than being able to be the answer person the person they come to. Hey, who do you know that in in this case, plumbing would be a great way to electrical solar? Obviously, there are the two that married the best together solar in case right the largest consumer of energy in the house. Plus the producer of energy for the house but gosh see if yard people up gutters. Gutters is a big one fencing delete bensing .painters all of these are just fantastic roofers like we mentioned all of them basically have the same demographic. You’ve got they’re working with single-family homeowners which is most of what most of the listeners well they’re working with. people who can afford already afford their surface. That means they could afford your surface which is also big when we got it. you know, we had to do a few months to be able to pay you know it, and because you already and two the other thing everybody is don’t just formal referral partnership with any old company out there .they have to be quality. Your name is on the line. If you’re keeping a referral so make sure and like Junior says make sure they’re better because if you’re just throwing you know referral to somebody they end up doing a poor job for the person. And they’re not gonna trust gives so it’s important to as add it up properly and the way to pass that referral is also very important. Uh, You know how it was handled. And how you said how you see it up with Oma also supports that because if you start sending quality referrals to those people they will realize good instead of clear back. So give it what’s an idea of how to see that up really well for homeowners.

Jimmy: uh Yes I mean just start by lifetime. Said you don’t want time to not be networking like spend time networking get to know your city become you know become the homeowner’s resource of your local city. And again I mean like what if you have one referral burger? Right one instance who sends you 10 deals a month. And you write all this and the math on it is like man if I have five people like that that’s that’s adding an extra 10 deals a month. Just by having five people that send me two months. right, that’s it end up going back to services. So rather than thinking about the amount of work and if you’re again if you’re a company owner, think about your cost per acquisition. Right if you if you’ve done them add and you’re like alright I know I can spend up to $250 in order to get you know acquire a customer because it’s going to bring this much profit back. well, how much could you stand to acquire an influencer to acquire a referral partner that’s going to send you two referrals a month for a year. You’re right the math is just 24 * 250 is what you should be willing to stand. Because that’s what you spend to bring in clients. Right now I really hope this on on on that end of things and building those relationships you know you can ask if you have a database your business owner doesn’t have a database yet start building a database. Go and get some sort of software you can collect email addresses even collectible numbers so that you can do you know an email blast out to your list and ask him a question. Like hey you know we’re looking to find a referral partner in the roofing space who’s had great roofing work done before. Who would you refer. Right, and they can just tell you the names of companies, and if you go to a company and say hey we asked our list. And ten different people said that they got you know 8 plus roofing move from your company and so we’d love to have a formal relationship with you where you know if somebody needs roof work done or there’s a storm or something that we can send it out to our whole list and refer them off to you. Would you guys be open to doing something like that .and most businesses are used to having a cost per acquisition and so they’re just paying it to you rather than advertising. But it makes sense for them as with advertising you gotta pay the dollars first. And then you gotta hope you make sales. Right referral partnerships you get paid first you get the referral you do the job you get paid and then you pay out the Commission to the referral partner so your risk factor goes with.

Sam: Right! oh, man. This is powerful what a powerful conversation. I love it, I love it! so we are getting moderately close to wrapping this episode. Any gosh there’s so much knowledge here anything you want to add on to that? I’ve got and then I’ve got a couple of other questions for you before we wrap this episode up. For everybody listening, I can tell you that graciously Jimmy is has said that he would be on another episode as well. We’ve got theirs as you can imagine so many topics we can cover if somebody this caliber but anything you want to add to this before we like for couple of other questions or yeah

Jimmy: Yeah just please stay close to this community when you got a community. Like close it down you got up their salespeople that follow this in philosophes. I know a lot of people in the group are in HVAC but like Sam said there are some pest control people there are solar people there a door-to-door people. so stay close in that community. And that’s a great place for you to find referral partners is hey in this Facebook group closing down Facebook group. Who in here does films like who does gutters who does remove who does whatever. And it’s just another sorting filtering mechanism because you know that the people who are in this group or in this community they’re going to have some shared values legacy already listed Sam they’re gonna have a similar way of operating and doing business. so just stay close to the community it’s a really great place for you to build you know all five of those connection types. and if somebody is already in HVAC and you know they can’t be a referral partner with you. That’s OK right there are five network connections that can be a supporter. maybe you’ll learn something one phrase that they used to get referral partners or maybe there’s something that they do. You know post sale they get better reviews or more referrals or maybe there’s something that they do you know that helps them just close a higher system or a better system. So everybody in this group is ordered so spend time in the community and I connect with other people that are in the close in that group.

Sam: Thank you for that. That’s much appreciated and wow everybody. this is this is been powerful today. As you know this is you can see thank you on a different level. You know if we keep thinking the same way we’ve been thinking. There’s only the law of the lead we’re getting bumped up against them that lead. And until we start to take differently and or have five people who maybe coaches like you know like Jimmy here you know he ‘cause I know some of the levels of people that he has coached. And oh my gosh and it forces you to think differently. So to fake by thinking differently you get different results. And of course, if you have if you’re thinking on a higher level of course your reasons are gonna go higher. So I have a couple of questions for you. You said something early on you put in the intro that I wanted to just circle back on and touch on because it kind of threw me back on my heels for a second you had me introduce you as your goal across the next 12 months is to create 12 solar millionaires. Now do you mean do you mean people whose personal income is $1,000,000 could use a tablet gotta little bit I know that probably caught a lot of people here. And it’s something that it’s got me thinking a little bit. What do you mean by that?

Jimmy: I mean is not through my coaching role but you know a role working in the field. You know as a trainer building teams in the solar space is about 12 people get to a point where they’re their personal LinkedIn is $1,000,000, not $1,000,000 once but $1,000,000 a year. So helping people get to a point where they’re you know in sales in solar and also you know people that have the ability to lead and teach a team of people. It’s pretty tough to do make a million anything without getting some leverage but if there’s a that my intention is to help people over the next 12 months into $1,000,000 a year.

Sam: That is while those are the serious numbers everybody that means somebody is out there working smarter, not harder. You know there as you know the tagline for close now is This work smarter not harder let’s stop working our faith office and start to work more efficiently. You know how we work less and sell more. So that’s clearly there are some things we can learn from this guy. And so man that is like awesome. Awesome. goal so best of luck to you with that goal. man thank you for being on this episode today this is Super super insightful. I hope everybody else has got as many valuable pieces of frozen Nuggets we call it as I have a code should be how do people get in touch with you what all do you do uhm you’ve done obviously you do a lot of things and how do people connect with you and uh yeah ‘cause I know that a lot of people are gonna be wanting to ask you some questions. And see you know to see how we what all do you offer what do you do.

Jimmy: uh yeah so I mean you can follow me on Facebook it’s at Jimmy Jays so you could find me on there I’m sure you can probably find me the closest nail Facebook group I’m sure I’ll be in there at some point. So that is I guess a place that you could follow me uh. I don’t specifically do you know a ton of HVAC-specific training so happy to be here on the line with him today. but primarily focused on you know building and growing inside of solar and capitalizing in solar waves so if you happen to know somebody. And you know some news of document in closer has been in sales before. And you think that they you know potentially got the takes to do somebody who you know can sell and teach teams. Definitely level connection to them and again you do that through Facebook I’m sure you could you know I’m sure Sam could connect us. But that’s that’s really what my focus is for the next you know little bit here is just really focusing on you know making an impact bold for owners helping them lower their bills blue solar and helping you know training leave people that already or document closures that already you know a little bit about how to sell you definitely can’t help people make $1,000,000 and 12 months. If you’re you know teaching somebody who was a school teacher or somebody was a plumber like in order to do that I better be working with sell. And so again if you People who are in sales know people who are in sales. So clear detract format professional and you know somebody in another industry or you know somebody else’s document closer.

Sam: Awesome! awesome and you heard it but also you need days is in the basement so that is one more advantage or benefit to to join the Facebook group you get can connect to this guy .and in fact I think what we might do is I’ll talk because Jimmy outside of this podcast. But said if there’s enough interest from everybody in the group we might set up a special time to do an internal like a Facebook live and do a Q&A inside the group. If they’re like I said there’s enough interest from all of you in the group because I know that this conversation will only inspire more questions and thoughts and really get your gears turning in your brain. So hopefully that’s what this is to really inspire them to create a font outside of the typical bold age track box. It is why I loved bringing people from outside of our industry because there’s always new innovations and ways of thinking. We can implement that to grow our own businesses and grow grown network. so thank you so much guys, for being on today. It’s always a pleasure to chat with you my friend and we will I’m sure we’ll talk soon to everybody out there around the world list now. You know tagline as always, “Go save the world one stroke at a time.” Will talk to you again soon.