Do You Believe?

Do You Believe?

The single most important thing in sales has to do with the six inches between your ears – your belief system. A quote from Henry Ford goes, “Whether you believe you can or you believe you can’t, you are right.” Sam Wakefield points out that the difference between a wildly successful salesperson and a mediocre salesperson in the industry is not their product knowledge or the location and population of the area they’re working in. It’s the fact that they believe they are a judi slot yang gampang menang great, excellent salesperson and that they have the solution to people’s problems. Learn more about how your belief system can help you bring home the big checks.

We are talking about the single most important thing in sales. It has to do with the six inches between your ears. It is your belief. Your belief system. That’s what we’re talking about. There are real-life examples that we’re going to talk about, of exactly how it changes so dramatically quickly with your sales. It’s just mind-boggling. Thank you to everyone reading. This podcast is growing crazy and it’s freaking awesome. I love that you’re a part of this community, this growing tribe of enlightened HVAC salespeople because did you know there is a common misconception in our industry that you have to work like a freaking dog.

You’ve got to get in the grind. You’ve got to get in the hustle. You’ve got to do the 80-hour a week thing to make a massive income and that’s not true. Did you know you can work less and actually make more? That’s what we’re talking about. You can have the family life and stick around for your kids’ birthday parties and those kind of things at the same time. You don’t have to disappear for an entire season every year and not ever see your family. That’s a big part of what we’re talking about. There is a way to get in the flow of talking to the right people, having the right conversations, and connecting to the right people so your sales increase but you can still create the life that you want. That is what this community is all about.

We’re breaking the mold of the traditional, “You’ve got to work your face off to make any decent amount of money.” If that resonates with you, stick around because there’s going to be a lot more content like that coming. Along those lines, we’re talking about belief systems. There’s a quote that I absolutely adore. It’s from Henry Ford and I’m sure you’ve probably heard it before. If you haven’t, this will be the first time, but it’s a famous one but it totally applies here. “Whether you believe you can or you believe you can’t, you are right.” It all has to do with your belief system and there’s not a single successful person in any type of sales ever who would tell you otherwise.

It All Comes Down To Belief

Every single one will tell you the same conversation. Every sales trainer on the face of the planet, any coach on the face of the planet, it all comes down to belief. I was joking with somebody, but it was not really a joke because I truly believe one of the very best sales movies to get this concept, these movies that you can watch is Catch Me If You Can. Remember Leonardo DiCaprio in that movie, the whole thing is about, he’s a conman. He becomes somebody else and gets paid at whatever level that he is “impersonating” that person. If it’s the airline pilot, if it’s the doctor, whatever it is, he did it. The craziest, coolest part is that’s based on a real person, a real true-life person.

When I was in college, I was part of a leadership group that we used to bring in speakers every year for an annual speakers’ series, and the man that movie was based on, he came and was the speaker one time. It was mind-boggling that any of this was even possible. Most people, their comment on his talk and the life he led is much more of disbelief that he would have the actual cojones, if you will, the intestinal fortitude, the guts to do that to step into those roles judi slot gacor gampang menang yang sangat mudah dimainkan dengan betting judi paling terkenal di indonesia. That he would have the guts to tell people, “I’m a doctor,” when he’s not a doctor, or “I’m the pilot,” when he’s not actually the pilot. Beyond that, the more important lesson here is he was so convincing because he believed it himself in that moment that everyone else did and there was not even a question if he knew what he was doing or not. His confidence and his belief were at such a level that it just happened.

When we break it down to the bottom line, he was getting thousands and thousands, hundreds of thousands of dollars in checks as if he was that. Let’s unpack this a little bit. What is the difference between a wildly successful salesperson and a mediocre salesperson in our industry? Is it because they know more details about subcooling, superheat, and airflow and all the details of how the system performs and it’s got, “It’s verbal, speed, action and all of the stuff?” Absolutely not. Do you think it has to do with the fact that maybe they’re in a city versus the country? Absolutely not. Does it have anything to do with the fact of population density or maybe they work for a brand–new company or a company that’s got a 40-year reputation? Absolutely not.

It has everything to do with the fact that they walk in the belief that they are a great, excellent salesperson. They believe that they have the solution to people’s problems. They’re looking for people who’ll say, “I need someone to solve this for me.” They match the client’s problems with what they offer as a solution and tie it together with a nice little bow that just happens to look like a heating and air system with all of the accessories and all of the ductwork solutions and all of that tied in one nice package. Does this make sense to anybody? Raise your hand if this is making sense to you. Here’s what it is. The real life example, and there’s a couple of them, I personally live this. I can track the times in my life and in my career when I maybe wasn’t so good, it totally had to do with my belief system.

Belief System: The difference between a wildly successful salesperson and a mediocre salesperson has to do with the fact that they believe they are an excellent salesperson.

Capturing That Peak State

I would start getting into the comparison game. “So–and–so is selling better than me,” and all of this is going on. Maybe their situation is different. Maybe these things have changed and then what I do, how I would get out of that, I will say, “I’ve got to get my state back to a peak state.” If you’re a fan of Tony Robbins, he talks about peak state, performing in that level of, “How do you capture that peak state? What do you need to do to get there?” That’s like that moment of after you make a sale, how you have that giddy feeling. You’ve got that moment of, “I can conquer the world.” I would find books or watch a TED Talk or podcast or go and buy lunch for somebody that I knew was really successful and let that energy feed off of them and lift me back up to where I needed to be. Over time, of course, I’ve learned anchoring. I learned to be able to, no matter what is going on in the world, you become skilled at this because this is how the wildly successful salespeople in our industry and any industry, this is how wildly successful people always seem to perform at their peak potential when it’s needed.

People in sports, anything. It doesn’t matter what you’re doing. You’ve recognized how you feel emotionally, how you feel with your mindset, your attitude, and your level of happiness. All of those things in your physical self and you can recall it at a moment’s notice. By doing that, what happens there is you set everything else in the world on aside, you’re going into this appointment and say, “I am.” The two most powerful words in the language is the “I am” statement because you’re literally saying whatever you say after that, you’re becoming. I am a closer. I am a top performer. I am whatever you need to overcome. I am the top salesperson in my company. I am a person who always serves others. I am the person who brings home the big checks.

Whatever you need to say but talk to yourself. Talk out loud to yourself because you’ve got to get the belief into yourself because it’s not enough to think it. As you’re speaking the words out loud, you hear it in your mind and it goes down into your subconscious because you’re programming yourself to be that. That’s exactly what he did in the movie. He’s like, “I’m a doctor.” He’s a doctor. “I’m a pilot.” He’s a pilot. A great example, a friend of mine, she was having one of the worst slumps I’ve seen probably in years and I love this answer. She’s a rock star, everybody knows it. She’s got all the skills and the personality to just crush it, having a horrible slump. She closes three huge deals on the same day. I called her up and I asked her, “What changed? What’s different?” She says, “I got a new pair of boots and new earrings.”

I was like, “That’s the perfect woman answer.” At the same time, that is the perfect answer and here’s why. It has to do with confidence which feeds to believe it put you in that moment of, “I can accomplish anything that I set my mind to. I can accomplish whatever I want.” With that, that is so perfect because now she’s proven it and so there’s no more excuses of, “I can’t do this,” because you can. If you do it once, you can do it anytime. I know that’s an example with a female, and most of my audience I know of course are men. We’re guys, we’re out there doing the thing with our job and our position, but it’s the same for us.

How many times has it been when, say you’ve got a haircut or you get a new shirt, you get a new truck, you buy a new watch, you get a new motorcycle, whatever the thing is and you feel like you’re on the top of the freaking world? “There’s nothing that I can do right now that would fail.” It has nothing to do with any outside circumstances that have changed. It has everything to do with how you’re added to this. You know at that moment, you pick up the phone, you could literally, because we’re achievers, you are sales freaking professionals, you dominate your market. You know in that moment it doesn’t matter who you’re talking to, you pick up the phone, they’re buying from you. It’s like when you’re on-call and you go out to a house at 9:00 at night on a Friday night and they scheduled that. You know for a freaking fact you’re not leaving the house until you get a signature. That’s how I roll and I know that’s how you roll too because what happens, you always get a signature.

Visualizing The Outcome

If they’re having me out at this time at night, I’m getting a signature no matter what. What would happen if you were able to get into that mindset every single time you walk into a house? All of these ties together. It has to do with the belief that, “I’m going in to sell this. I see the close from the beginning. I see closing it now on the spot before I even get there.” When that happens, everything breaks loose for you. This may sound a little hoodoo voodoo for you, but it has to do with visualizing the outcome. The belief that it’s going to happen, the belief that you are going to close every single job you walk into that is closable. You’re going to do it and before you even get there, you’re walking in the energy of the close. That’s why they say the best time to make a sale is right after you make a sale because you’re already in that peak state. You’ve just made the sale. Your energy is right. You’re happy. You’re like, “Let’s do it again.”

You continue to crush it when you’re on that streak and when you’re on that hot streak, it has nothing to do with the quality of leads you’re getting. It has nothing to do with any outside circumstance. It has everything to do with what’s going on in your head. The message here is get out of your own way. Get out of your own freaking way and just believe that you are that person who is closer. You are the salesperson who is going to bring so much massive value to this client that they, hands down, will choose you above anybody else. It has nothing to do with the price. I was talking to a guy that I met, a new friend of mine. He was saying that they are typically about 30% more expensive than their nearest competition on every single project that he close and he’s crushing it. He’s killing it. It has nothing to do about the price. It has everything to do with one, he knows that he can do that. He’s been doing it for a long time. He also knows that no other company brings value like he brings value.

Belief System: When you have the belief that you’re going to close from the beginning, everything breaks loose for you.

They don’t do the same things. When you provide more value, you can charge more than everybody else and it’s okay. People will happily pay you for it because people are not paying for the difference in a carrier, in a train, in a Goodman, in a Rheem, of an American senator, or whatever it is. They’re not paying for the difference in one of those. They’re not paying for the big company, the little company. It doesn’t matter. What they’re paying for is, at the end of the day, you’ve shown up with enough confidence and enough belief that you’re going to solve their problems without a shadow of a doubt. They know that when you’re done, their problems are going to get solved. It doesn’t matter what the price is because they are ready to be done with the problems they have. If it’s a system that’s down, it’s a bedroom that is too hot or is too cold, they know at the end of the day you’re going to fix those problems. They will write you a check without question because everyone else they’ve talked to has been, “I think this might work,” or there’s some sense that they don’t have the full solution.

That’s why when you’re in a house, you have to offer the full solution because there’s nothing to compare to now. There’s nothing to compare to your belief and your confidence that you have the solution for their problems. Here’s your homework and here’s where it gets real. If you’re going to show up with that type of belief system, then you sure as heck better know what you’re doing. There’s a lot that can be faked with confidence, but you better know how to fix the problem. It puts it back on you to study and know your craft. We have to be experts in so many things when we go in these houses. Am I saying you have to be a technician and diagnose stuff? No. Am I saying that you have to have a really good handle on maybe some building science? Have to know how airflow works? Know how temperatures operate in the house?

Have to be able to listen between the lines to hear what they’re telling you? Listen between the lines to hear what the problems really are. They might say they have maybe a temperature problem and at the end of the day, it has nothing to do with that. It has to do with the fact that, “You added this huge fish tank to your house about the same time you started having air-conditioner problems. Let’s talk about some humidity issues.” Listening between the lines to figure those things out is what we have to do. It’s on us to absolutely be an expert. I am no way saying you don’t have to learn your craft, but what I am saying is show up. Show up you times ten. Show up in your potential.

Work On Your Belief

Show up with the belief that you are the expert in the house, in the town you’re in, in the city you’re in, and with that belief and confidence, it conveys confidence to them that you know to solve their problems. That is my message. Work on your belief first. Work on the belief that you know how to fix their problems. You’re certain of the solutions. You’re certain of your ability to solve their problems. When you believe in yourself that you are that top-level salesperson, you are that top-level Comfort consultant, you’re the top–level closer in your company, you are the top-level of premium HVAC sales rep in the country. When you believe that you’re the top, you will become that. It has to do with your belief system because there really is and ask any top person, they’ll tell you there’s no difference in the skills that they have versus someone else but there is a difference in how much they believe that they are that person versus someone else. If you got some value from this, share it with somebody.

Share it with your team. Share it with somebody that you know that needs a boost in their confidence. Somebody that needs to believe in their self. Somebody that needs to pour some belief down into their soul because you can do this. I see greatness in you. You have the ability to do it if you will just believe that you can. Go to Check out our Facebook group Close It Now and join the community. We’re putting together a group of top performers who are achievers who want to work less, earn more, and dominate your market. Thanks for reading. I am so stoked that you a part of this movement. This is such a new movement. Personal growth in our industry, it’s something that has been ignored for too long. Become a person worth buying from. When you become that person, your sales numbers will increase, the level of people who call you will increase, and the number of people that call you so you don’t have to chase the leads anymore. They start coming to you because you become that person. This is the new way of doing in-home sales. I’m so thankful you’re part of this flow, part of this movement. Share this with somebody. I will talk to you again soon.

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